CReative Financing Services


Commercial Stated Income

Equipoint Capital Advisors assisted this HVAC ventilation duct manufacturer using a Stated Income program arranged through one of our many financial partners.

 This business owner was maxed out on their bank line of credit but wanted to take on a substantially large contract. We were able to secure a production line working capital facility using the CRE Stated Income program and help them purchase raw materials, finance payroll, and carry a longer accounts receivable term. NO Tax Returns, Bank Statements, or W2’s needed!

 Rate and Term just above market rates!

Heavy Manufacturing Access to Capital


Arranged & underwritten through Equipoint Capital Advisors

Equipoint Capital Advisors assisted this heavy industrial manufacturer obtain much needed financing to perform plant upgrades through a 3rd Deed of Trust, arranged 100% equipment financing, and structured a working capital line of credit needed to finance raw materials to support new production contracts.

The business was able to improve production efficiencies as well as hire on 5 new full time employees.

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